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Inventory Control Solutions help Dealerships control their Dealer Plates with full efficiency and accountability.  Monitoring who has a dealer plate, when they took it out, and when they returned it with a recorded log and mobile application is essential to eliminating misuse of plates.  

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Why risk one of the most important and vital aspects of maintaining a Dealer's license?  Inventory Control Solutions solves and mitigates the long-term issue of accountability with State-Issued Dealer plates.

Inventory Control Systems Management
Inventory Control Systems Management
Inventory Control Systems Management Desktop Application
Inventory Control Systems Management

Fingerprint Verification

We have removed any element of falsification via our Control Box.  No plate can be removed from or returned to the Box without an authorized fingerprint being scanned.

Mobile Application

The ability of Management to monitor where Dealer Plates are in real time allows for more secure control.  Short and Long-Term reminders assist Management in finding lost dealer plates the moment they are overdue.   The ability to see previous dealer plate activity is also another feature.

Desktop Application

The ability to research and find the usage of dealer plates, past or present, is an important feature of the desktop application.  Being audited by State Authorities doesn't have to be nerve-wracking.  Being able to simply view and print any time period the auditor is requesting is as simple as selecting the desired dates and then hitting the button.

Secured Plate Box

Tested and proven to be the most absolute secure system for securing dealer plates on the market.  Our proprietary technology prevents plates from being removed without the proper authorization.

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