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installation  method #1

The easiest method by far.  This is most useful if you're only planning on purchasing one or two boxes.  This method requires the purchase of a metal backplate.  The Plate Box and Fingerprint Control Box will come mounted to the self-standing metal backplate so that it can placed on a flat surface and simply plugged in.


installation  method #2

This method requires no backplate and instead requires for it to be mounted to a wall near an outlet.  The holes in the Plate Box are spaced out according to building codes.  The wires for power and internet are routed through any one of three punch outs located on the box.


installation  method #3

The most permanent method is full installation.  This method required a licensed electrician and all of the wires are behind the wall, unshown.  The internet and power are hardwired into your building.  

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