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What We Can Offer Your Dealership

Services and Solutions

5 Plate Secure Box

  • Each box holds up to 5 dealer plates. 

  • Up to 5 Plate Boxes can be combined to manage up to 30 dealer plates. 

  • Proven technology keeps the plates from falling into the wrong hands.

Fingerprint Control Box

  • One Fingerprint Control Box can control up to 5 Plate Boxes. 

  • Authorized employees will be able to present their fingerprint to retrieve as many plates as they are authorized. 

  • To prevent the passing along of dealer plates to other employees, the same employee must return the plate using their fingerprint again.

GPS Locator

  • Watch your plates in real-time.

  • Know when someone is speeding on your plates

  • Know the Precise location of your Dealer Plate and Property within 5 feet.

  • Satellite based for increased accuracy.

Subscription Service

Our subsription service includes, amongst other items,  a comprehensive warranty and continued software and hardware updates as they become available.

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