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Inventory Control Solutions, LLC in Hudson, New Hampshire is excited to announce our GPS capabilities for Dealer Plate Management.  Our advanced technology will allow clients to manage their dealer plates even more efficiently, securely, and with greater compliance than ever before. 


Some of the advanced features and uses of our GPS unit are:

  • Accelerometer to know the speed of the GPS Unit (Dealer Plate).  Excellent Feature for test drives or when employees take a vehicle.  

  • Geofencing:  You can set a perimeter around your dealership and whenever a vehicle with the GPS Dealer Plate leaves the area you will receive alerts.  

  • Historical Playback: will allow you to replay the history of any dealer plate that has the GPS unit.

  • Utilization of Google Maps in Satellite or Terrain view.

  • No seperate login; all integration into I.C.S.'s desktop view allows for instantaneous access to the location of your dealer plates.

Enhanced Efficiency and Compliance: 

With our new GPS capabilities, clients will be able to track the location of their dealer plates in real-time, making it easier to comply with state regulations and avoid potential issues.  There is also an Accelerometer to know the speed in real time.  Automated alerts and notifications will keep them informed of any updates or changes, making sure all information is accurate and up-to-date. 

User-Friendly Interface: 

Our GPS capabilities are integrated into our user-friendly platform, providing a clear and detailed view of each plate's location and status.  Clients can easily locate and manage their dealer plates with the intuitive interface, identifying any issues or concerns with ease.

Enhanced Security: 

Our GPS capabilities will provide an added layer of security for clients' valuable assets.  With the ability to track the location of each plate in real-time, clients can quickly identify any unathorized use or movement of their plates and take appropriate action to prevent further issues.  

At Inventory Control Solutions, we're dedicated to providing innovative and advanced solutions to help our clients succeed.  Our GPS capabilities for dealer plate management are just one example of our committment to excellence. 

Call us Today for more updates on this game-changing technology and how it can benefit your business.  

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